Guidelines in Choosing the Best Copying Machine for your Company

The copying machines have been widely used in all types of businesses for several decades now. each day, refurbished and new machines are leased or sold to businesses all over the world. In reality, since the introduction of Xerox, the sales of the copying machines has become a multi-billion dollar industry with more than 2 million machines being sold every year.
Even though the numbers are great, it appears that the usual lifespan of such machines is just between 5 to 10 years. But, a lot of companies lease their machines within the usual leasing period of 3 years.
Buying a brand new copying machine would surely be expensive, most especially for the small-scale entrepreneurs who only have limited budget. For the larger corporations, they might find it easier to buy such machines. The available space in your company or office is also a very important factor in terms of choosing your copying machine.
But, choosing the copying machines for company use consist of more than just the typical price, speed, and price. So, here are some of the important things that you have to take note whenever you are looking for one. Be sure to check it out!
1.            Consider the machine's size and design - make sure that you know exactly how the machine was created in regards to the needs of the user. The best copying machines possess certain features that set it from its inferior models. Whenever we talk about copying machines, your office's space must always be considered. Overall size and weight, therefore, are important considerations. While the copying machines are just limited to how tiny it could be created, a narrow and lean footprint is most preferable.
Standard security features like user authentication and secured printing are just typical. The USB support, wireless support, Ethernet, are also standard built-ins. In addition to that, the copying machines must be user friendly. Touch screen functionalities and intuitive operating commands should also be found in the copying machine. Watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgkYN8V4CcA  for more facts about copy machines.
2.            What do you want to do with your copying machine?
The production and capacity features could be considered in regards to the paper capacity, warming up time, and speed of printing. One of the many frustrations of various offices is waiting for their copying machines to warm up. The best copying machines are specially designed to reduce this unwanted operation.
Moreover, the finest copying machines can hold at least 1000 papers with several copying machines boasting with more than 3000 papers. This permits for the lesser down time, adding copier papers right in the middle of the project. Also, high capacity means that such machines could manage more than 100,000 papers every month in just normal servicing.